Online Fence & Gate installation Service For Swindon & The Surrounding Areas

Ever since Kudos Fencing was formed back in 1983 it was our intention to be at the forefront of offering our customers a quality service, quality product & honesty in carrying out our customer’s order. In doing so we made it a priority to be clear in writing what we were quoting for and that any order placed clearly showed the work we were undertaking. In that process we have continued to grow our customer base with many examples of returning customers for over 30 years.

In the age of convenience we have again striven to be the first to offer a new online service of ordering Garden Fencing & Gates. In doing so we feel the customer can, in the comfort of their own home, price up & order a new fence, post repair service or new gate. By using this convenient service your installation will get fitting priority to ensure your work is carried out in a timely fashion. The online service does not take away our desire, for those who prefer face to face transactions, to call out & discuss any work they are thinking of undertaking. Just click the Book A Free Quotation tab & choose a convenient date & time for us to attend a site visit. We will provide you with a written quotation from which you can place an order at a later date.

Ordering Your Fence & Gate Installation Online Will Give You, The Customer, Fitting Priority Over Other Forms Of Orders

Roebuck Deer & closed board fence

Fence installations available for postcodes starting

All of SN, OX12 – 13 and 18, GL5 to 9, 11 and 12 – RG17

When You Have Placed Your Order – What Follows Now

When you place your order our site assessor is booked to visit the site & confirm certain details with you. These include 1) the fence position 2) Which way you want the new fence to face 3) If a gate has been ordered which way you would like it to open 4) Measure the fence and gate accurately for manufacturing & picking purposes & to answer any questions you may have. This will be confirmed in writing for you & sent by email. Your work is booked in at the time of receiving your deposit & your assessor will advise you the expected fitting date. All online orders are expected to be done in a timely fashion but should not exceed 12 weeks (Please check with your site surveyor for possible current Covid-19 related delays). Online orders will take priority over other forms of accepted work to guarantee it’s priority status.