Iroko Entrance & Pedestrian Gate Enquiry

Simply fill out your details & choose your date & time of your site visit. Details of your inquiry can be left in the comments box below.

Gate Options

  • Available in widths up to 28ft.
  • Available in any gate width combination
  • With or without turned heel option
  • Fence infills available.
  • All timbers are pressure treated.
  • With of without centre post.
  • Old gate will be taken down free of charge. Charges apply for removing any waste from site.

What Follows Now

  • Choose postcode area
  • Choose a date & time for site visit. (To discuss the work requested).
  • We will confirm your appointment prior to your site visit.
  • You will then receive a written’ detailed quotation by email for you to order at your leisure.

Fence installations available inside selected postcode areas only.

Product Description

Quality double opening 5 Bar Iroko Field Gates. Constructed using Iroko hardwood timbers of 75mm thickness with a fully planed & rounded top finish. Supported by suitably sized 150mm – 200mm 4 way weather top posts or wall rails using 24″ adjustable galvanised hinges set & your chosen furniture. All field gates are the standard 4ft high. Price on application only. Book a free no-obligation quotation Today.

5 Bar Turned heel Field Entrance Driveway Gates In Iroko Hardwood Timber.
Various Configurations To Consider
5 Bar Driveway Gates In Iroko Hardwood Timber & Closedboard Fence
Closed Board Gap Fill
Throw over loop
Throw Over Loop
Gate drop bolts
Gate Drop Bolts